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Calling all teenagers who’ve just been told they need braces. At L&L Orthodontics, we can straighten your teeth and fix any orthodontic problems you may have.

How can we do this? Because we’re a Blue Diamond Invisalign® providers!

Invisalign® for teens

If your dentist has recommended orthodontic treatment, the first thing that probably came to mind was having to wear unsightly braces on your teeth. At L&L Orthodontics we know what life is like as a teenager and we also know the last thing you want is for orthodontic treatment to cramp your style.

Invisalign® is an orthodontic treatment method that uses a series of thin, clear plastic aligners that gradually straighten your teeth. They look a bit like a thin sports mouthguard and slot comfortably over your teeth. Custom made, they’re not only comfortable to wear, but discreet

Keeping track of treatment

The secret to great results from orthodontic treatment is making sure you wear your appliance. This is easy if you’re wearing traditional metal braces because they’re fitted permanently to your teeth throughout treatment. Invisalign aligners are a little different because they can be removed several times a day, for eating, brushing your teeth, and for occasions such as sports games. 

This means you need to remember to put them back in, because your teeth will only straighten if you wear your Invisalign® aligners for the recommended 22 hours a day. To help with this, we can fit a blue dot wear indicator to your aligners which fades the longer you wear your aligners. This is a great way for you, your parents and us to make sure you’re wearing your aligners for the recommended time. 

Info for parents

Invisalign® knows parents want to make sure the treatment they’re paying for will work. So here’s some info about Invisalign® treatment:

  1. Invisalign® aligners can get faster and accurate results.
  2. Invisalign® aligners are removable so you can take them out to brush and floss your teeth, meaning you can keep your teeth clean throughout treatment.
  3. You’ll still be able to play sport and practice any musical instruments you’re learning – just take the aligners out whenever you’ve got a game or a lesson.
  4. You won’t need to change your diet while having orthodontic treatment because you can take the aligners out at meal times.
  5. Your parents won’t need to bring you to the orthodontic clinic all the time because you’ll get several sets of aligners at each appointment to see you through treatment.

Start your Invisalign® journey today

You can find out more information about Invisalign on our Invisalign® page, but if you’re ready to give the aligners a go, get your parents to book you in for a consultation with our specialist orthodontists today and you’ll have a beautiful new smile before you know it. 

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