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The world’s first fully custom braces

At L&L Orthodontics, we stay at the forefront of the orthodontic industry to provide you with the most comfortable and accurate treatment possible. That’s why we’ve decided to offer LightForce™ 3D braces, which are completely revolutionising the way we shape your smile.

What are LightForce™ 3D braces?

LightForce™ 3D braces are the only fully custom, 3D-printed bracket system in the world. The brackets are smaller, more comfortable, and more discreet than traditional braces.

LightForce™ uses a highly sophisticated system that allows our specialist orthodontists complete control over every aspect of treatment.

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How do LightForce™ 3D braces work?

LightForce™ braces straighten your smile in the same way as metal braces. Because LightForce™ brackets are custom made for your smile and your smile alone, you’ll require fewer appointments and experience faster treatment times*.

When you visit us for your initial consultation, we’ll use our cutting-edge 3D scanner to create an accurate digital model of your smile. This will help our specialist orthodontists to plan your treatment from start to finish, so they know the exact results you’ll achieve before you begin.

Then, LightForce™ will 3D print your customised and personalised braces with your exact orthodontist designed prescription. With the expertise of our specialist orthodontists, and the machine precision of LightForce™ technology, braces have never been more accurate.

Benefits of LightForce™ 3D braces

Choosing LightForce™ 3D braces for your treatment comes with numerous benefits, including:

  • Increased accuracy: Because your treatment is completely custom, and planned from start to finish by computer technology, LightForce™ is the most precise and efficient brace treatment.
  • Fewer appointments: Customised for your precise biology, LightForce™ braces require fewer adjustments to achieve results, which means fewer commutes to our practice.
  • Discretion: LightForce™ brackets blend in with the colour of your smile, making them difficult to detect during treatment.
  • Versatility: LightForce™ braces can treat orthodontic issues from simple to complex, and is great for patients of all ages!

See if LightForce™ braces are right for you

Book a consultation with our team in Templestowe or central Melbourne to learn how LightForce™ 3D braces can transform your smile.

*Weber NDJ, Koroluk LD, Phillips C, Nguyen T, Proffit WR. Clinical effectiveness and efficiency of customized vs conventional pre-adjusted bracket systems. J Clin Orthod. 2013;47:261


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