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The app that makes treatment easier

Dental Monitoring

Introducing Dental Monitoring - this cutting-edge smartphone app allows you to complete your Invisalign® treatment without commuting to our practice. Many people put off orthodontic treatment because they think they don’t have time. That’s all about to change!

Straighten your teeth from work or home

Once you download the app to your phone, our Specialist Orthodontists, Dr Igor Lavrin, Dr Sarah Lawrence, Dr Sarah Louise Roath, and Dr Louise Hagan, can remotely monitor your Invisalign® treatment progress. Instead of visiting us in Melbourne, you can complete your treatment from anywhere - as long as you have access to wifi.

How does Dental Monitoring work?

To start with Dental Monitoring, you first have to begin Invisalign® treatment! You can get started by booking a free Invisalign® consultation with us. Once your treatment begins, we can help you download the Dental Monitoring app.

We will ask you to take regular selfies of your smile through the app. Our team will examine your photos and make sure your treatment is on track. We will only need to see you at our practice if we need to adjust your treatment plan. In fact, because you will have more frequent check-ins, we might even be able to speed up your treatment if things are progressing well.

Simplify your Invisalign® treatment

With the Dental Monitoring app, you can enjoy:

  • Fully remote Invisalign® treatment
  • More swift and precise treatment results
  • Increased communication with our team
  • Ultimate treatment flexibility

Start today by booking your free Invisalign® consultation

When you visit L&L Orthodontics, we can assess your smile to see if you are a good candidate for Invisalign® clear aligners. Once you start Invisalign® treatment, we can get you set up with Dental Monitoring to fit your treatment into your schedule.

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